7 Tips on Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom is exciting especially the thought of getting a bath in brand new looking bathroom which is still in your house. There are many reasons why people remodel their bathroom. It’s either they want more space or they want to try the new bathroom trends. A bathroom remodel is undeniably a costly venture especially if you want major changes in the space. No matter how we like to save a lot of money, we cannot do that. However, we prepared you some budget tips so at least you won’t spend all your fortune on that bathroom remodel.  

 Bathroom Remodel

Plan Before You Start 

Hire a kitchen and bath contractor to help you with the remodel. You can also work with someone who has an experience with designing so he can help you with the design you came up with. Your detailed plan should be approved by the contractor because he’s the one who’s going to solve the problems or issues you might encounter. Having a realistic timeline and budget will get you to your goal.  

Do not Touch the Plumbing System 

If you want to save big time, keep the plumbing system where it is. Working with a designer for the renovation will save you the hassle because they know how to work with the plumbing system. Keeping the pipes where they are will save you big bucks. Relocation of the bathtub and toilet is not easy and it might cost you $5,000 or more for moving the plumbing fixtures.  

Frame the Mirror 

You don’t have to buy new mirrors when you remodel. You can use the existing one and give it an upgrade. Dress it up with a beautiful frame, budget solved. The frames will also hide the tear or damages around the edges. You don’t have to buy a new one, just give the mirror an updated look.  

Do not Toss the Entire Toilet 

If you want an upgraded look on your toilet, you don’t have to trash everything out. Replace the seat and lead, change it into something you find more attractive. You’ll save a lot instead of buying a whole new unit. You can also save on plumbing charges.  

Purchase Salvage Things 

There’s nothing with reusing second-hand sold items. You might never know what you will get. It could not be a pleasant idea for you, but if you’re tight on the budget you can try visiting auctions, antique stores and see what you can find. 

Tile Alternatives 

The bathroom doesn’t have to be tiled up, from the floor to the wall to the ceilings. You can have the alternative like board and batten, wood panels, bead board and others. The wood will require you more maintenance but if you want a warm ambience then you can choose this alternative.  

Consider Open Shelves 

You can also add shelves to the bathroom. If the space is smaller, it will create an illusion that you have a big bathroom. It also has less weight than the cabinets, and of course cost less. Your bathroom décor won’t be hiding in the cabinet anymore.